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What We Do

SOS What We Do

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What we do

Settlement Orientation Services (SOS) provides settlement services to refugee claimants in BC and health promotion and case management services for refugee claimants, refugees and immigrants. SOS provides drop-in services as well as appointment based services.

Settlement Services

The SOS Settlement Team provides first language support with all aspects of the refugee claim process as well as general settlement services for refugee claimants.

Settlement services in detail:

  • Orientation and guidance through the refugee claim process.
  • Assistance with filling out government forms such as refugee claim application forms, work permit applications, family sponsorship applications, BC Medical Services Plan applications, Income Assistance applications, Persons with Disabilities Assistance applications, and others.
  • Support in applying for Legal Aid for the refugee claim process.
  • Assistance in accessing and navigating the Canadian health care system.
  • Cultural orientation and adjustment counselling.
  • General settlement services such as support in finding housing, employment, enrolling in English classes, school enrollment and others.
  • Connecting refugee claimants with local communities.
  • Referrals to other community services as needed such as mental health services, housing providers, employment counseling services, and others.

Are you a refugee claimant and are looking for a service that is not listed here? Give SOS staff a call at 604 255 1881 and we will do our best to assist you.

Who we serve: Refugee claimants throughout their claim process up until they receive Permanent Residence.

Health Promotion & Case Management Services

The SOS Health Team provides first language orientations to the Canadian health systems and health promotion services as well as holistic case management support to individuals living with HIV.

Health team services in detail:

  • Orientation to the Canadian Health Care system.
  • Assistance with accessing health insurance coverage (IFHP and MSP).
  • Provide case management support to refugees and newcomers living with HIV.
  • Health Promotion services including the creation of a wellness plan and information on healthy living.
  • Support in applying for BC Medical Services Plan, Income Assistance, Persons with Disabilities Assistance, and others.
Who we serve: Refugee claimants, refugees and recent immigrants.

Refugee Claimant Health & Settlement Orientation Group

Settlement Orientation Services (SOS) runs a weekly orientation session for refugee claimants covering a vast array of information on health and settlement services.

Each week we will cover a variety of topics to assist you in navigating the health system and the settlement process during your claim. The weekly drop in groups are there to provide support and a place to gain more knowledge and information where expert speakers from the community will regularly join to provide important information on a variety of topics.

The orientations take place every Satruday from 10am to 4pm at the SOS Office at 2610 Victoria Drive, Vancouver. Contact Bayron Figueroa at 778-372-6585 for more information.

All languages welcome. Drinks and snacks provided.