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Refugee Claim Hearing

Getting a Hearing Date

After your eligibility interview CIC or CBSA will give you the date of your hearing, on the Notice to Appear document.  If you are from a Designated Country of Origin (DCO), this will be in 1 month.  If you are not from one of the DCO countries, you will have 2 months before your hearing.

You must submit all documents (including any evidence you wish to accompany the BOC) at least 10 days before the date of the hearing.

The IRB (Immigration & Refugee Board) will study the BOC and any other documents that you can provide to show that you need protection in Canada.

READY tour

READY tour is a free program that will help you to clarify many of the questions you have about your refugee hearing. READY Tours offer refugee claimants an opportunity to enter a refugee hearing room and learn about the refugee hearing process and refugee determination concepts.

When you have a date for your hearing, see your settlement worker to arrange for you to attend a READY tour.

To register, or for more information, email READY@kinbrace.ca or call 604-328-3132.

Gathering Evidence

  • evidence specific to your claim
  • evidence of human rights conditions in your country

For detailed information and help gathering evidence, read Refugee Hearing Preparation Guide pages 16 – 27. Click on the image below to see all the available languages: